Birdseye FAQ

General Questions

1. What is Birdseye?
Birdseye is a digital platform designed to facilitate the sharing and exploration of primary sources in humanities and social sciences, with a focus on Asian history, culture, and religion. It integrates cutting-edge AI technologies, including GPT-4 Turbo, to enhance user interaction and information retrieval.
2. Who can use Birdseye?
Birdseye is open to all, but it is particularly useful for scholars, students, and researchers in the fields of humanities and social sciences. Anyone with an interest in Asian studies can benefit from the resources available on our platform.
3. Is Birdseye free to use?
Yes, Birdseye is a free platform. Our mission is to make scholarly resources more accessible to a wider audience without any cost barriers.

Technical Questions

4. How does the GPT-4 Turbo integration work in Birdseye?
GPT-4 Turbo is integrated into Birdseye to provide an interactive chatbot experience. Users can ask questions related to the documents and primary sources available on the platform, and the AI provides detailed, contextually relevant answers.
5. Can I upload documents to Birdseye?
Yes, registered users can upload documents. We accept various formats including PDF, JPEG, PNG, and GIF. Our platform processes these documents for text and image content, making them searchable and accessible to other users.
6. What languages does Birdseye support for OCR and document analysis?
Birdseye supports multiple languages, including but not limited to English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Hindi, Arabic, and Japanese. We are continually working to add support for more languages.

Usage Questions

7. How do I search for documents on Birdseye?
You can search for documents using keywords, tags, or directly interacting with our AI chatbot. The search functionality is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.
8. How does Birdseye ensure the quality of uploaded documents?
All uploaded documents are reviewed by our team to ensure they meet our quality standards and are relevant to our platform's focus areas. We also rely on community feedback to identify and address any issues.

Privacy and Security

9. How does Birdseye protect my privacy and the security of the documents?
We prioritize user privacy and data security. All user data is encrypted and stored securely. We have strict policies and protocols in place to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.
10. Can I delete my documents or account from Birdseye?
Yes, you have full control over your documents and account. You can delete any documents you have uploaded at any time.

Support and Feedback

11. Where can I get help if I encounter issues using Birdseye?
If you need assistance, please visit our Support page or contact us directly through our Contact form. Our team is always ready to help.
12. How can I provide feedback or suggestions?
We welcome and value user feedback. You can provide feedback through our Feedback form or by contacting us directly via email. Your suggestions help us improve Birdseye.
For more information or additional queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to continually improving Birdseye and appreciate your support and feedback.